FAQ WienMobil

What is WienMobil?

WienMobil is Wiener Linien’s new mobility app, combining the functions of the routing app qando and the Wiener Linien ticket app. You can also use it to find out about additional mobility services (e.g. car sharing, bike sharing or taxis), as well as reserve or book these.

How can I use WienMobil?

The WienMobil app can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore or Apple’s app store. There is no need to register for basic functions such as passenger information. However, registration is required to make use of additional features such as buying tickets, as well as booking and reserving additional mobility services.

What are the advantages of WienMobil?

WienMobil combines the offers of different mobility providers in one app, enabling the user to plan, book and pay for different means of transport and handle the billing of memberships and public transport tickets. This means that, not only does WienMobil consider public transport when planning a route, but also suggests routes for bicycles, car-sharing vehicles or a combination of different means of transport. Digital tickets can be displayed directly in the app. Finding the perfect route is even easier when using the filtering options for price, duration and environmental friendliness.

What happens if I am already a WM test customer?

The switch from the test version to WienMobil also involved optimising the technical basis in the background. This means that, as a WienMobil test user, you need to register again for WienMobil, but you are able to use your existing WienMobil online ticket shop account.

Which mobility partners are included in WienMobil?

  • car2go: Reserve vehicles and cancel vehicle reservations
  • Citybike Vienna: Pre-registration as a CityBike customer (to complete registration: Activation at the Citybike Terminal is required)
  • DriveNow: Reserve vehicles and cancel vehicle reservations
  • Europcar: Displays locations, including the number of vehicles on site
  • Taxi 40100: Order and cancel a taxi
  • Taxi 31300: Order and cancel a taxi
  • Zipcar, WiPark: Displays locations

What will happen to qando and the ticket app?

Both qando and the ticket app will be replaced by WienMobil in the medium term. The new WienMobil app combines both services in a single application.

What are the differences between WienMobil and qando?

qando calculates journeys on public transport in Vienna, showing various points of interest (POI) on the map. These include car and bike-sharing locations, as well as stops and Park & Ride facilities. In contrast, not only does WienMobil consider public transport when planning a route, but also suggests routes for bicycles, car-sharing vehicles or a combination of different means of transport. It is also possible to purchase Wiener Linien tickets using WienMobil, as well as to reserve car-sharing vehicles or taxis.

What are the benefits if I register in the WienMobil app and create a profile?

The app’s most important features can be used, even without registering, as soon as it has been installed, e.g. route planning and location information. By registering, however, additional features can be used, such as storing favourites, purchasing Wiener Linien tickets or reserving taxis and car-sharing vehicles. Here is a summary:

My Mobility:
You can enter all vehicles and memberships available to you under ‘My Mobility’. These are then considered when calculating the price and, in the case of Car2Go and DriveNow, are also a condition for booking.

These may be stops, addresses or lines.

These can be stored as favourites so as to be able to find your way quickly to frequently visited locations from any position.

Routen von/zur Wohnadresse

Routen von/zur Arbeitsadresse

Frequently used lines can be marked as favourites. Favourite lines are given preference when planning a route and are the first ones to be seen in the stop monitoring window.

Does the WienMobil app cost anything?

No, the app can be downloaded and used for free. However, your mobile service provider may charge you for downloading and using the app. Tickets purchased for Wiener Linien or the use of car and bike-sharing services also incur a charge.

How do I get the app?

The app has been developed for the two most widely used mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. There is no app for Windows Phone. The application can be downloaded in the Google PlayStore and the iTunes store. Wiener Linien is the provider of the app.

  • Android: LINK
  • iOS: LINK

Which operation system versions are supported by WienMobil?

WienMobil supports Android 6.0 or later and iOS 11.4 or later.

Why is this app not available for Windows Phone?

The focus is on iOS and Android in line with the degree of market penetration of these operating systems for smartphones. Windows Phone constitutes a very small percentage of the market.

How can other mobility partners (e.g. car sharing) be used?

When planning journeys or viewing the surrounding area, potential mobility service providers or routes with a car-sharing or bike-sharing vehicle are displayed, even without registration. In order to use these, however, you must first enter your membership number manually in WienMobil.

After having registered, any existing memberships of car-sharing and bike-sharing services may be entered manually.

When using car sharing, these details are required to be able to book/reserve a vehicle with the different providers via WienMobil. If you are not registered with the mobility providers, you will need to do this directly with the respective partners and then store this in your WienMobil profile. Once this has been done, car-sharing vehicles from car2go and DriveNow may be reserved, or a reservation may be cancelled.

In the case of Citybike Vienna, you can either manually enter an existing membership or you can pre-register with Citybike in the WienMobil app under ‘My Mobility’, complete the registration at a Citybike terminal and then store this in WienMobil.

Where I can provide feedback on the app?

Using the feedback section in the app itself, by sending an email to  support@wienmobil.at or by calling 01 7909 100. In case of bugs in the app, you can also attach screenshots directly, e.g. in the app’s feedback section or in an email.

What will happen to the WienMobil card?

The WienMobil card will stop being sold when WienMobil is launched. The WienMobil card was an important step on the way to creating integrated mobility services. People in Vienna made only limited use of the WienMobil card; demand is much greater for individualised information. This is where the new WienMobil app comes into play. The new service focuses on passenger information including supplementary mobility, as well as making bookings, reservations and purchasing tickets.

What are the password requirements when registering?

The password must be at least six and no longer than 20 characters long.
The following characters may be used for passwords:

  • Lower case letters (a to z)
  • Upper case letters (A to Z)
  • Numbers (0 to 9)
  • Special characters @ . _

Which information do I have to supply when registering?

The information and routing features of the app may be used without the need to register, meaning that no information has to be provided. However, you need to register in order to book tickets or reserve vehicles. The following information must be provided here:

  • Email address
  • Name (first and last name, title)
  • Date of birth
  • Password

Can I sign into WienMobil using my existing Wiener Linien account?

Yes, you can.

Can I change my user information?

Yes, you can change your user information (basic details such as password, place of residence, date of birth, etc.) yourself directly in WienMobil (in the mobility profile). It is not possible to change the email address provided (=username) in the app.

Why can I not log in?

  • Technical problems on the part of the user (e.g. no internet connection)
  • Technical problems on the part of WienMobil (e.g. if server maintenance work is currently being carried out)
  • The user has mistyped their password and needs to try to enter it again.
  • The user is not yet registered.
  • Blocked user: it is not possible to do anything in the app (log in, bookings, changes to details, etc...) as long as a user is blocked.
  • WienMobil may block users permanently if they deliberately provide false information, abuse the service or violate the terms and conditions of use.

How can I delete my user account?

By calling 01 7909 100 or sending an email to support@wienmobil.at

Are there push notifications that provide information about disruptions to underground services?

Please write an e-mail to: ticketshop@wienerlinien.at with your request.

How can routes be planned?

Using the ‘Routes’ function in the app (it is necessary to input a starting location and destination, as well as departure or arrival times), routes can be found. These are stored in the search history and will be available for you to use in your next search. The type and number of potential means of transport to be used may be defined using the filter function or in the profile settings (e.g. planning a route without a car, etc.).

Why can I not see any routes?

This is normally due to one of the following reasons:

  • The user does not have a (sufficiently fast) internet connection.
  • The Austrian Transport Information Service (VAO) is not supplying any data at the moment. Please try again later.
  • One of the mobility partners does not respond within the time window and WienMobil aborts its attempt to calculate a route.

Is it possible to give preference to certain means of transport when planning a route?

All means of transport, i.e. public transport, bicycle, car sharing and taxis, are displayed as standard. You are able to filter out means of transport that you do not want to have displayed. Please note: The app remembers the filter settings. This means that, if not all means of transport are displayed, this is probably due to the filter.

Why am I not being shown a particular means of transport (e.g. taxi)?

This may be due to one of two reasons:

  • Filter settings or profile settings. The app ‘remembers’ these filter settings or profile settings. Example: If you perform a route search and you do not want to include taxis, for instance, then taxis will no longer be considered in any future route searches until the filter is manually changed and taxis are included again.
  • Taxis are only offered for routes covering a distance of between 1.5 km and 30 km (straight line).

qando and WienMobil deliver different routing results – why is this?

Different routing systems are used for the two apps: qando makes use of a system just for public transport route planning, while WienMobil uses the multimodal route planning system provided by the Austrian Transport Information Service (VAO). This means that, in rare cases, different routing results may be displayed.

I am in possession of an annual pass / WienMobil card – how can I use the new app?

Using the WienMobil app is not linked to a Wiener Linien ticket and is open to anyone. You can, however, have your annual pass or WienMobil card displayed in the app. Here it is important that the annual pass is linked to the WienMobil account in the Wiener Linien online ticket shop (this is already the case for the WienMobil card). The ticket is then included when calculating the price of the route in question.

Which tickets can I buy using WienMobil?

  • 90 minutes Vienna
  • One journey Vienna
  • One reduced-fare journey in Vienna
  • Day ticket
  • 24 hours VIENNA
  • 48 hours VIENNA
  • 72 hours VIENNA
  • Weekly pass VIENNA
  • Monthly pass VIENNA
  • Semester pass VIENNA
  • Semester pass with principle place of residence in VIENNA
  • Top youth pass
  • Youth pass
  • The official Vienna City Card (24 hours)
  • The official Vienna City Card (48 hours)
  • The official Vienna City Card (72 hours)
  • EASY CityPass VIENNA (24 hours)
  • EASY CityPass VIENNA (48 hours)
  • EASY CityPass VIENNA (72 hours)
  • EASY CityPass VIENNA (1 week)
  • QUEER CityPass VIENNA (24 hours)
  • QUEER CityPass VIENNA (48 hours)
  • QUEER CityPass VIENNA (72 hours)
  • QUEER CityPass VIENNA (1 week)

When does the ticket have to be purchased in the app?

In the event that you undertake a journey using a mobile ticket, you need to be able to present the ticket via the app from the time you cross the validator barrier in the underground station or when boarding trams and buses.

Can purchased tickets be amended or cancelled?

No, this is not possible.

What do I have to be aware of during a ticket inspection if I have purchased a digital ticket?

Tickets purchased in WienMobil are non-transferrable and are only valid when presented together with an official photo ID bearing the name of the passenger.

What can I do if my mobile phone stops working/has been lost/battery is flat and I am unable to show the ticket?

Problems associated with mobile phone operations (e.g. lack of coverage provided by the mobile phone operator, flat battery, operating error) are your responsibility. If you are unable to present a valid ticket for this reason, you will be deemed to be a passenger without a ticket (fare dodger).

Can a valid ticket be forwarded?

No, it is not possible to forward a purchased ticket to another smartphone or tablet PC.

Why is it not yet possible to purchase a Wiener Linien annual pass?

WienMobil is updated on a regular basis. The function for purchasing an annual pass will be included in a future update.

Why is it not possible to purchase ÖBB tickets? Why can I not store my ÖBB Vorteilscard?

WienMobil is essentially an open service and is updated on a regular basis. The possibility of including ÖBB tickets is reviewed at regular intervals. As soon as all the requirements are met, it will not be a problem to integrate these.

Do I receive an itemised list of Wiener Linien tickets purchased?

No, not in the app. You can, however, download, an itemised invoice for purchased tickets from the online ticket shop.

Which methods of payment can be used?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Pay Box, PayPal

How can I change my credit card number?

You can enter a new credit card in your profile / user account via ‘Edit payment details’. You can also do this when purchasing a product.

How can I reserve a car-sharing vehicle?

Option 1:

  • Select the vehicle on the map or in the summary below the map
  • If you have not done so yet: Log in
  • Accept the partner’s terms and conditions
  • Reserve the vehicle
  • Open using the partner’s app

Option 2:

  • Open using the partner’s app
  • Select a car-sharing route
  • If you have not done so yet: Log in
  • Accept the partner’s terms and conditions
  • Reserve the vehicle
  • Open using the partner’s app

How can I call a taxi?

Option 1:

  • Select the taxi on the map or in the summary below the map
  • If you have not done so yet: Log in
  • If not provided yet: Store a telephone number
  • Accept and OK the partner’s terms and conditions

Option 2:

  • Route search
  • Select a taxi route
  • If you have not done so yet: Log in
  • If not provided yet: Store a telephone number
  • Accept and OK the partner’s terms and conditions

How can I register / pre-register for CityBike?


  • Go to ‘Profile’ / ‘My Mobility’
  • If you have not done so yet: Log in
  • Accept the partner’s terms and conditions and the rules on usage
  • Complete registration


  • Register or store a membership
  • Select a route or nearby
  • Accept the partner’s terms and conditions
  • Send pre-registration

How can I store routes / favourites?

You can add and delete locations and favourites under the menu item ‘Profile’ / ‘Favourites’, or set Wiener Linien lines as favourites by tapping on the star icon.

What does the menu item ‘My Mobility’ mean?

Here you can create your own mobility profile and manage all your personal settings. You can enter all vehicles and memberships available to you. These are then taken into account when calculating the price and, in the case of Car2Go and DriveNow, are also a condition for booking.

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