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Support for people who have fled Ukraine

Підтримка людей, які були змушені покинути Україну через війну: З 1 листопада спеціальний квиток Австрійських федеральних залізниць (OEBB) "Перше прибуття з України" можна використати протягом 24 годин після прибуття до Відня на мережі Wiener Linien. Українці, які перебувають у Відні довше, можуть отримати квиток у центрі прибуття або в соціальних притулках. Квитки мають бути прокомпостовані перед початком поїздки. Наразі ця пропозиція діє з 1 листопада по 31 грудня 2022 року. 


Поддержка людей, которые вынуждены были покинуть Украину из-за войны: С 1 ноября 2022 года "Билет первого прибытия в Украину" Австрийских железных дорог (OEBB) можно будет использовать также для однократной поездки на Wiener Linien в течение 24 часов после прибытия в Вену. Для украинцев, находящихся в Вене в этот период времени, билеты в один конец будут распространяться в венских пунктах временного размещения и в центре прибытия. Билеты следует прокомпостировать перед началом поездки. Данное предложение поддержки первоначально действует с 1 ноября по 31 декабря 2022 года.


Support for people who have fled Ukraine: As of 1 November 2022, the “First Arrival Ukraine Ticket” of Austrian Railways (OEBB) can also be used for a single trip on the Wiener Linien within 24 hours of arrival in Vienna. For Ukrainians staying in Vienna over this period of time, one-way tickets will be distributed in the Vienna emergency shelters and the arrival center. These tickets must be validated before the start of the journey. This support offer is initially valid from 1 November until 31 December 2022.

COVID 19: FFP2 masks mandatory in public transport

It is a legal requirement that passengers on public transport must cover their mouths and noses with an FFP2 mask. The FFP2 mask requirement applies to all passengers, including those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. 



Children under the age of six are exempt from the obligation to wear masks on public transport. 

Children from the age of six until the age of 14 may wear a tight-fitting mechanical protective device covering the mouth and nose area instead of the FFP2 mask. 

Pregnant women may wear a tight-fitting mechanical protective device covering the mouth and nose area  instead of the FFP2 mask. 

Persons who cannot be expected to wear a mouth-nose protection for health or disability-specific reasons (e.g. people with chronic respiratory diseases, anxiety disorders or advanced dementia) are exempt from the mask requirement on public transport. 

Anyone who is exempt from wearing mouth-nose protection for health or disability reasons must present a medical certificate from a doctor established in Austria or the EEA.


Information and control

Wiener Linien informs about the mask obligation by means of announcements, pictograms and info messages on the overhead displays and info screens in the stations or stops. The service and security staff on the public transport network also inform passengers about the regulation. Anyone who does not wear the mouth-nose protection will be addressed by our security staff. Passengers who do not wear the mouth-nose protection will be excluded from further travel. Our conditions of carriage stipulate a penalty of 50 euros for violations of the mask requirement. 


Corona measures of Wiener Linien

We thoroughly clean and disinfect all stations, vehicles and surfaces with which passengers come into contact on a daily basis. The first doors of buses and high-floor streetcars are locked to create a safety distance between passengers and drivers. In addition, the driver's seats, which do not have an enclosed cabin, are secured with barrier tapes. Announcements on screens in underground trains and stations give health tips and show how to protect oneself and fellow passengers.

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