Specialist, workshop assistant

As a specialist or workshop assistant, you ensure that our underground trains, trams and buses can travel safely through the city day after day.

Your tasks as a specialist

several men in Wiener Linien work clothes working on a tram in a workshop

You make sure that our vehicles roll safely through Vienna.

In your position as a specialist or workshop assistant, you normally work behind the scenes in a workshop, depot, garage or on a track construction site. But your work is critical to ensuring that public transport runs smoothly. These are your tasks:

  • You will maintain and repair all of Wiener Linien’s vehicles at the respective inspection sites at our stations and garages. This makes you jointly responsible for the safety and reliability of public transport.
  • The focus at our main workshop in Simmering is on rail-bound and special vehicles. There you will manufacture spare parts for vehicles, repair transmissions and wheel sets of rail-bound vehicles, mount tyres and refurbish car bodies. You will work with modern equipment, including CNC-controlled machines.
  • The radio and communications engineering department is responsible for maintaining all of Wiener Linien’s technical communication systems. In the radio communications engineering workshop, you will work to ensure the safety and reliability of signal boxes, passenger information, displays and announcements. Our ticketing machines and validators are maintained in the validator and ticket ticketing machine workshop.
  • In the superstructure workshop and on track construction sites, you will product, install mount and maintain track and turnout systems for trams and underground trains. This will involve you renewing track beds, repairing broken rails or even replacing entire sections of tracks. 

What our colleagues say:

  • I am proud of our work every time I go on public transport.

    Stephanie is a forewoman and loves the responsibility that comes with her job.
  • I want to be a role model for women.

    The apprentice Anna is passionate about her job and would like to encourage other women to take an interest in technical work.
  • It is not a boring, nine-to-five job.

    Stefan is a vehicle mechanic and likes the wide range of challenges posed by his job.
  • We do our very best every single day.

    Beatrice is a forewoman at the Favoriten station and loves working together with her team.

Working conditions:

Depending on the specific job, you will work according to different shift models. Our workshops are spread throughout Vienna and our infrastructure on site also needs to be looked after. Whatever the work, you are part of a fixed team with whom you work closely.

You can be sure that the health and safety of our employees always comes first, no matter where you are working. You will be given your work clothes or uniform and personal protective equipment, and our company’s healthcare management programme has a range of offers ready for you. You can rely on the fact that all legal framework conditions and specifications are followed without exception.

You must meet the following criteria:

The catalogue of requirements varies depending on the area and position. As a specialist, you need to have completed an apprenticeship in a technical profession. Relevant work experience is always an advantage. As a workshop assistant, having a school-leaving certificate and an interest in technical work is required – it is also an advantage to have a little experience here.

A willingness to work shifts as well as overtime when is needed is important no matter where you work. Some job profiles require you to obtain a driving licence; this means you can only join if you are fit to obtain the driving permit.

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We are looking for dedicated specialists to work in various different areas. Here you can find our current vacancies where you can apply directly:

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