Security and underground service

Our security and underground service employees ensure that our passengers feel safe and comfortable when using the underground network.

Your tasks as a service or security employee

  • You are our business card and stand for our values as a brand ambassador.

  • You are on hand to provide customers with advice and support, and proactively address them where a service situation arises.
  • You will ensure that customers following the house rules and point out cases where these are violated.
  • You will step in and assist the emergency services when faced with exceptional events.

As a service employee, you will monitor underground stations via control monitors and signalling equipment, and provide technical support for underground-related matters. You will also complete the training to become an underground driver so as to be able to assist with driving in special situations.

As a security employee, you are an official railway supervisor and enforce our conditions of carriage. To this end, you intervene to de-escalate the situation and avoid conflicts – all within the limits of the law. This means you will also physically intervene in the event of a physical assault if absolutely necessary.

Working conditions:

We want to be honest: Our employees have a job that comes with considerable responsibility and are on duty around the clock all year round. This is why this job has some special features about it.

  • Shift work: you will be working on a rotating shift basis. This will also involve some night shifts.
  • Working at weekends and public holidays. We keep the city moving – every day. This is why our employees on the underground network also work at the weekend and on public holidays. The working week is made up of five days on, two days off.
  • You will be travelling a lot while you’re working and on your feet almost all the time.

To prepare you for providing service on the underground, you will also complete underground driver training within the first two years. From this time on, you will support our underground train drivers when faced with special circumstances.

When providing security, you are always on the move as part of a team. You shift always starts and ends at one of our two bases (the Karlsplatz and Praterstern underground stations). You are out and about on the underground network during your shift.

What do we offer?

  • You already receive a salary while you are being trained. (See the job advert for the actual figure).
  • Once you have successfully completed the training, you will be given a permanent contract of employment.
  • With us, you have a secure job with a 37.5-hour working week and a wide range of opportunities to advance and move within the company.
  • As an employee of Wiener Linien, you will receive an annual pass for the core zone of Vienna.
  • You can take advantage of the wide range of our company’s healthcare offers.

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