Senior citizen single trip VIENNA

For people aged 65 and over: Travel in one direction within Vienna for any length of time, even with a change of trains.

Who is the ticket valid for?

People aged 65 and over can buy this ticket. It is valid for 80 minutes from the time of validation for one journey in one direction. You can change trains as often as you like, but you may not interrupt your journey. If you want to take children or pets with you, you can buy discounted tickets.

You can buy single tickets here:

  • at all information and ticket offices and at the Wiener Linien customer centre
  • at the ticket machines
  • in Vienna tobacconists
  • in the WienMobil ticket shop (web and app)
  • in the WienMobil app: You can easily buy your ticket on the go with your smartphone in the WienMobil app. It is then displayed in the app. Payment is made by credit card.

Wiener Linien Customer Service

  • Do you have questions about your ticket? Have you been found without a valid ticket and have to pay an additional fee? Do you have questions or problems when buying tickets online? Do you have praise, a complaint or a suggestion for us? Whatever concern you have: We are happy to take care of it!

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