visualisation of a Flexity tram on a green track and a street and bike lane with many green trees
© Marina Mohr

Line 27: A new tram connects Donaustadt and Floridsdorf

The new tram line 27, which will run from Strebersdorf to the Aspern Nord U2 station, is getting underway. Construction officially started in Donaustadt in February 2024. The 27 will be in service for passengers from autumn 2025.

A new cross-connection between Floridsdorf and Donaustadt

The Wiener Linien public transport network is being further expanded for residents of the 21st and 22nd districts of Vienna. Line 27 creates an additional connection between the neighbouring districts of Floridsdorf and Donaustadt and takes passengers to three underground stations: In the north, the 27 runs to the U6 station Floridsdorf via the U1 station Kagraner Platz to the U2 station Aspern Nord.

visualisation of the start and end stop Nelson Mandela Platz of line 27 with a Flexity tram
Line 27 at Nelson Mandela place in the 22nd district

New Aspern Nord junction: U2 meets tram, S-Bahn and buses

A public transport hub is being created at the Aspern Nord U2 station, where the underground, suburban railway (S-Bahn), buses and trams meet. The Berresgasse and Heidjöchl urban development areas will thus be optimally connected to the public transport network right from the start. In total, up to 34,000 residents within walking distance will benefit from the new line 27.

New Park & Ride facility for 1,500 cars

In total, up to 34,000 neighbours within walking distance will benefit from the new line 27. In addition, a park & ride facility at the Aspern Nord U2 underground station with 1,500 car parking spaces will ensure that people from the surrounding area will also have a perfect connection to public transport.

  • residents
    will benefit

  • minutes
    peak interval

  • metres
    of green track

  • underground lines
    to change

  • trees
    will provide shade

  • new stops
    will be built

  • kilometres
    of new track

  • fewer tons
    of CO2 per year

Green track and green boulevard on Hirschstettner Hauptallee

The centrepiece of the new route will be Hirschstettner Hauptallee: a three-lane green boulevard that will be reserved exclusively for environmentally friendly mobility. This route will be shared by public transport passengers, cyclists and pedestrians. Line 27 will run here on an 800 metre long, climate-friendly green track. The new tram will result in potential CO2 savings of up to 1,600 tonnes per year. In addition, around 300 trees will be planted along the route to provide shade and cooling.

Six new stops and a 120 metre long bridge structure

In future, the new tram line 27 will run from Strebersdorf via the existing route of line 26 to Zanggasse/Pirquetgasse and from there via a new 2.4 kilometre route to the U2 station Aspern Nord. Six of the 28 stops on line 27 will be newly built. The new line is largely independent of car traffic and therefore particularly reliable. In addition, the intervals will be more dense: on the shared section with the existing line 26, public transport will run at a peak interval of three minutes.

The schedule

  • Construction work started in February 2024 with the 120 metre long and 14.5 metre wide bridge structure at Aspern Nord, on which line 27 will run over the U2 underground line and the S-Bahn in future.
  • This is followed by track construction in the Hausfeldstraße (mid-February 2024), Pirquetgasse/Berresgasse (March 2024) and Hirschstettner Hauptallee (from autumn 2024) areas.
  • Completion is planned for autumn 2025.

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