Annual pass

365 days of unlimited mobility for one euro a day.
  • Wiener Linien’s annual season ticket is valid on all means of public transport within Vienna from the first day of the following month for exactly 365 days (core zone of Vienna).

    It entitles the holder to travel as often as they want on the underground, trams and buses (with the exception of special rapid bus lines), trains operated by ÖBB (e.g. suburban trains) and on services operated by Wiener Lokalbahnen (as far as Vösendorf-Siebenhirten). The first day of any month can be chosen as the starting date.

    The annual season ticket is not transferable.

    Mobile display in our smartphone app WienMobil

    Your annual season ticket is also mobile: you can easily display your annual season ticket in our smartphone app WienMobil. This way, you no longer need to ‘physically’ show your ticket in case of inspection.

    All you need to do is register on the online ticket shop and the WienMobil app. 

    Senior citizen annual season ticket

    Men and women over the age of 64 can purchase the reduced annual season ticket for seniors.

    Annual season ticket as job ticket

    Companies can also buy the annual season ticket for their employees and offset this as a job ticket against tax. With a ‘job ticket’, the employee is the cardholder, yet payment is made directly by the employer. General information about the job ticket can be found on the website of the chamber of commerce .

    You can find out more about the ways you can order the annual season ticket under ‘Buy annual season ticket’. We offer companies (with ten employees or more) the possibility of paying on account. If you are interested in this option, please contact us at

    Outside Vienna

    Customers with an annual season ticket for the regions of Lower Austria and Burgenland – also in combination with Vienna – are managed by VOR GmbH (Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region).

  • Where can I buy an annual pass?

    • You can buy your annual pass from the online ticket shop of Wiener Linien conveniently, without the need to travel anywhere or queue up, and also renew your subscription.
    • You can of course get the annual season ticket at our customer service centre in Erdberg as well, or at one of our ticket offices. To do this, please bring a passport photo and an official photo ID.

    You can either pay for your annual season ticket in advance, or by monthly or annual direct debit (SEPA). Online, you can pay by credit card or by online banking.

  • Renewal, cancellation, loss

    If you pay by monthly or one-time direct debit from your bank account

    The new annual season ticket has been issued as a plastic card with an embedded photo since 1 January 2015. If you have uploaded your photo to the ticket shop and not terminated your subscription in writing no later than one month before the end of its validity, your new card will be sent you automatically.

    If you pay in advance

    If you pay for your annual season ticket in advance, you can renew your subscription in the following ways:

    • In the online ticket shop
    • At the ticket and information offices and at the Erdberg customer service centre: Please bring your annual season ticket with you.
    • By means of a paying-in slip, which you will receive from us in good time before your annual season ticket expires, along with a reminder.

    Cancelling your annual season ticket

    Annual season tickets can be cancelled at any time, and without the need to provide any reasons, as per the first day of each month. If cancelled prematurely, an administrative fee of EUR 22.00 will be charged. To cancel your ticket, you can do one of the following:

    • Hand it in to our information and ticket offices or to the Erdberg customer service centre
    • Send the ticket by registered post to the following address: Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG, Abteilung Tarif und Vertrieb, Erdbergstraße 202, 1031 Vienna

    Please note:

    It is only possible to take into account the current month if you return the annual season ticket to Wiener Linien within the first three working days of the month. If we receive your annual season ticket before the first working day of a month, the monthly direct debits will be stopped from this point on, while persons having paid in advance or by one-time direct debit will receive a refund for the unused amount.

    Interruption of payment:

    Revoking the direct debit order or closing the debit account before first cancelling the annual season ticket entitles Wiener Linien to terminate the contract with immediate effect and to ask for the ticket to be returned. It is also not possible to prevent amounts from being debited.

    Loss of your annual season ticket

    If you lose your annual season ticket, or if it is stolen, you will receive a replacement ticket from Wiener Linien. To this end, we require an official loss or theft report. If you did not send us a passport photo in the course of the switch to the new annual season ticket, then this will also be required. We will charge you EUR 10.00 for each replacement issued.

    You can, however, have your annual season ticket displayed using our ticket app and thereby avoid having to pay both the administrative fee and submitting a loss or theft report. All you need to do is register in the online ticket shop and the smartphone app WienMobil. 

  • There are many good reasons why you should have an annual pass:

    • It is affordable. The annual season ticket is Wiener Linien’s most affordable offer. Even if just two journeys are made every day, a journey costs only EUR 0.50 (EUR 0.30 for senior citizens) instead of EUR 2.40. 
    • It is practical. With the annual season ticket, you can travel 365 days a year, wherever and how ever often you like. And you no longer have to remember to validate your ticket.
    • It is mobile. You have the possibility to display your annual season ticket on your phone using the Wiener Linien ticket app. This means you no longer need to carry the plastic card with you.
    • It is uncomplicated. It is possible to arrange for your annual season ticket to begin on the first day of any month – not just at the start of the year. And you do not need to think about extending your annual season ticket. You will be informed in time by Wiener Linien.
    • Your children enjoy the Saturday travel bonus. Your annual season ticket is also valid for two accompanying children under the age of 15 on Saturdays from 12:00 pm.
    • Your dog can travel with you free of charge. Annual ticket holders can take a dog with them free of charge anywhere within the ticket’s area of validity.
    • Your bicycle also travels free of charge on ÖBB trains in Vienna. Not only can annual season ticket holders take a bicycle with them free of charge on the underground, but also on ÖBB trains within Vienna.
    • NightLine included. The annual season ticket also enables you to use all NightLine buses and the 24-hour underground services at the weekend for no additional fee.
    • Booklet of coupons as a ‘thank you’. As a small ‘thank you’, every annual season ticket holder is sent a booklet of coupons with a range of additional discounts valid throughout Vienna.

    Benefits of a subscription

    Wiener Linien cooperates with various artistic and cultural institutions, as well as businesses in Vienna. This means we are able to offer holders of an annual pass or a WienMobil card a range of benefits and discounts. You can find a list of current promotions here on the website and in your booklet of coupons (in German).

Customer Service Center

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How to arrive: underground U3 station Erdberg, exit Franzosengraben

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Published: January 25, 2023