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Modernisation offensive for our infrastructure

Wiener Linien is continuously expanding its public transport network. In 2024, we are launching a large-scale offensive to modernise our infrastructure: in the coming years, we will be renewing tracks, switches, tunnels, bridges, signal boxes, lifts and escalators. Wiener Linien is investing a total of 223 million euros in maintaining and renewing its infrastructure.

Public transport needs a viable infrastructure

For many years, Vienna has been regarded as one of the most liveable cities in the world. The excellent public transport system plays a major role in this. At the same time, Vienna is one of the fastest growing cities in the European Union. In order to maintain the high service level, the network must grow with the population. This includes not only the expansion of the network, but also the maintenance of the infrastructure. This is the only way that Wiener Linien can ensure an efficient, cutting-edge public transport service in the future.

Extensive public transport offer and dense intervals put a strain on infrastructure

Wiener Linien's track network has continued to grow over the past decades thanks to the steady expansion of public transport services. New lines were built, existing lines were extended and new routes were implemented. The continuous expansion of services and increasingly dense intervals leave a mark and require appropriate measures. With the modernisation offensive "Netz erst recht", we are therefore placing a strong focus on the renewal of tracks and switches in our network.

Wiener Linien launches large-scale modernisation offensive

Wiener Linien is renewing a total of 19.7 kilometres of track and 83 switches in 2024 and 2025.

In 2024 alone, we will be renewing 8.6 kilometres of track, 53 switches and a turnaround facility. We are also modernising tunnels, bridges, stops and stations, as well as 11 lifts and 29 escalators across the entire network.

This increased modernisation work is made possible by additional funding from the City of Vienna and cost savings resulting from synergies with other departments of the City of Vienna.

  • 120


    track construction experts work on the inspection and maintenance of our rail infrastructure every day.

  • 672


    kilometres is the total track length of Vienna's public transport network. This corresponds to the distance between Vienna and Florence measured in a straight line.

  • 1,2


    million people are regular public transport customers and regularly choose public transport for their journeys through Vienna.

  • 1.816


    switches ensure that our vehicles stay on track.

  • 2


    million people a day travel on our trams and underground trains.

  • 5.668


    stops are located in Vienna's public transport network.

Vienna's public transport network is one of the best in the world. To keep it that way, the network must not only be expanded, but also consistently maintained. There is no alternative to modernisation. We can only maintain the high level of quality our clients are accustomed to with constant refurbishment and maintenance. This is how we ensure sustainable mobility for the coming decades and thus the quality of life in our city.
  • 38


    million kilometres were covered by our trams and underground trains in 2023. This corresponds to 950 circumnavigations of the earth.

  • 100


    switches will be renewed in 2024 and 2025.

  • 10


    to 45 years is the service life of a rail. The actual duration depends on the level of wear.

  • 11


    kilometres of track will be renewed by Wiener Linien in 2025, equivalent to the footpath from the Danube Tower to Schönbrunn.

  • 2


    new tram lines will be built by Wiener Linien by autumn 2025. They will provide even better connections to the public transport network in the second and 22nd districts.

  • 489


    trams and 163 underground trains travel on our tracks every day.

  • 9


    kilometres of track will be renewed by Wiener Linien in 2024, which corresponds to the footpath from the State Opera to Alterlaa.

  • 15


    years is the average service life of a switch.

  • 100.000


    kilometres are covered by our trams and underground trains every day.

    That is the equivalent of almost two and a half times round the world.

Climate neutrality 2040: prioritising climate-friendly mobility

Vienna has set itself the goal of being climate-neutral by 2040. This means that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions must be drastically reduced. To achieve this, the city is implementing numerous measures. Under the motto "Raus aus dem Asphalt (No more tarmac)", areas are being unsealed, new trees are providing shade, green spaces and water features are cooling down. In the area of mobility, the declared aim is to encourage more people to give up their cars and travel around the city in a climate-friendly way by public transport or bike. In this way, we can reduce harmful CO2 emissions and work together to ensure that Vienna remains a great place to live.

We are Vienna's key to the climate turnaround

Vienna will be climate-neutral by 2040. Wiener Stadtwerke is a key partner for the City of Vienna in this regard. In order to achieve a climate-neutral Vienna by 2040, we are looking beyond the boundaries of our various areas of activity. Wiener Stadtwerke focuses on Group-wide innovation and synergies in order to utilise all opportunities for the future. Above all, we are making a tangible, measurable and indispensable contribution to the successful implementation of the city's "Smart Climate City" framework strategy. Wiener Stadtwerke is a driving force and shaper in two fundamental areas in particular: demand-orientated, secure, affordable, environmentally friendly energy supply and climate-friendly mobility.

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