visualisation of Universitätsstraße with many green trees after the redesign
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Universitätsstraße: Underground construction, renewal of the tram tracks and transformation into a climate-friendly neighbourhood

Universitätsstraße is experiencing a mobility boost at all levels: While the underground rail network continues to grow below ground, a new cycle connection and lots of greenery are being created above ground. Wiener Linien is relocating the tracks of lines 43 and 44 to their new position near the future underground station.

Public transport during the redesign

From April to September 2024, Universitätsstraße will be extensively redesigned. Wiener Linien is relocating the tram tracks close to the future underground station entrances. At the same time, Universitätsstraße will be transformed into a climate-friendly neighbourhood.

Service changes:

Line 43 is shortened. It runs between Neuwaldegg and Alser Straße.
Line 44 has been cancelled. It is replaced by line 33 between Lange Gasse and Maroltingergasse.
Line 33 runs between Lange Gasse and the temporary end stop Maroltingergasse as a replacement for line 44. No service between Lange Gasse and Josefstädter Straße.

Please switch to these lines:

◾ U3, U6; 2, 5, 33, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42
◾ Lines 5, 33 and 42 are running at more dense intervals.

Important traffic route becomes a climate-friendly transport hub

Universitätsstraße runs along the border between the inner city (1st district) and the 9th district and is lined with imposing architectural landmarks such as the University of Vienna and the Votivkirche. It is also an important traffic route for public and private transport and connects the Ring, Währinger Straße, several tram lines and Alser Straße.

The U2xU5 Rathaus public transport hub and the new U5 Frankhplatz station are being built here as part of the public transport expansion U2xU5. In the Universitätsstraße area, lines 43 and 44 - which had to be temporarily relocated due to the underground railway construction - will be moved to their final position at the edge of the street. Climate-friendly mobility and the comprehensive upgrading of the public space are at the centre of the redesign of the surrounding area.

Space is being re-allocated: Prioritising climate-friendly mobility

In future, the tram tracks will run along the side towards the city centre, allowing for a much better distribution of space. In the middle of Universitätsstraße - lined with green spaces and trees - a two-way cycle path around 3 metres wide will run for 400 metres. The existing, structurally separated one-way cycle path on the out-of-town side along Sigmund Freud Park will be widened to over 2 metres and extended to the junction with Garnisongasse.

  • people benefit
    from the new hub

  • m2 more green
    for a pleasant climate

  • drinking fountains
    quench your thirst

  • new trees
    provide shade

New public transport connections for 10,000 people in the neighbourhood

The station of the same name on the new U5 line will be built at Frankhplatz by 2026. The U5 will comprise 9 stations in future and will run from Karlsplatz to Frankhplatz in the first phase. After completion of the second construction phase between 2032 and 2035, it will continue to Hernals. Around 10,000 people who live and work in the vicinity of the new Frankhplatz station will thus have even better access to the public transport network.

Construction is progressing rapidly: the tram tracks for lines 43 and 44 are being moved to their final position along Universitätsstraße and the new stop on Landesgerichtsstraße is being built. As part of the conversion work, the new tracks will be laid so that public transport users will be able to transfer directly from the new Frankhplatz U5 station to the tram without having to cross the road. The turning loop at Schottentor is also being renovated at the same time.

Read more about the U2xU5 public transport extension

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