Bringing e-mobility from the rails to the road

Around 85 percent of public transport users already benefit from e-mobility with the tram and the underground. However, Vienna is also leading the way when it comes to services with e-buses: Two lines (2A and 3A) have already been equipped with a unique charging system unlike anything else in the world and are operated entirely using electricity. The buses can travel 150 kilometres with one charge, clearly demonstrating the potential of e-mobility.

In 2013, Wiener Linien won the state prize for mobility in the category ‘Planning. Building. Operating’. The eight-metre-long city bus also had its debut before an international audience: it took the participants of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna to the opening ceremony.

Now, Wiener Linien is looking to get even longer: up to seven twelve-metre-long e-buses have already been put out to tender. This will soon make Vienna the first European city to have large e-buses operating regular services and enable the city to completely convert another line. Vienna is a model green city, thereby making a key contribution to further technological development in the area of public transport.

Published: February 19, 2021