Data security: Classification according to the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP)

Data security is a major concern for Wiener Linien. Therefore, as of August 2020, we have introduced a classification of all company data according to the Traffic Light Protocol (abbreviated TLP). The Traffic Light Protocol is a simple, internationally used method for classifying information according to its confidentiality level. 

This means that all documents and e-mails are given a confidentiality mark:

  • TLP RED (red): Personal, only targeted for named recipients.
  • TLP AMBER (yellow): Disclosed on a need-to-know basis, also to partners.
  • TLP GREEN (green): Disclosure only within the company and to partners.
  • TLP WHITE (white): Unlimited disclosure

Please support our security needs by handling information (documents, e-mails) received from us in accordance with the classification notice.

Of course, you can also specify the level of confidentiality with which you want us to treat your information when you send it to us.


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Published: January 25, 2023