Management Team

The management team at Wiener Linien consists of three members: Alexandra Reinagl (CEO), Petra Hums and Gudrun Senk.
  • Alexandra Reinagl

    Alexandra Reinagl

    Chief Executive Officer of Wiener Linien
    Chief Executive Sales and Operations Officer

    Alexandra has been CEO since November 2022 and is also responsible for operations, sales and corporate communication.

    Her law degree was followed by several positions in the city administration, where among others she was responsible for financing public transport in Vienna, and as general manager of Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region (Austria’s largest transport association). In 2011 she became the first female member of the management team at Wiener Linien.

    Alexandra’s vision is one characterised by freedom of mobility for Vienna’s inhabitants. She aims to position Wiener Linien as a full-service mobility provider, which is the reason she and her team launched the WienMobil brand and a WienMobil app. This concept also enabled her to expand the range of mobility services in Vienna, with the clear goal of offering the Viennese population a one-stop-shop for multi-modal mobility.

    Alexandra’s declared objective is to further develop the company’s customer orientation and to firmly position Wiener Linien as an outstanding employer. She also regards increasing the share of women at the company an extremely important issue – particularly in technical professions.

  • Petra Hums

    Petra Hums

    Chief Financial Officer, Legal, Human Resources and IT

    Petra has been a member of the management team at Wiener Linien since the start of 2022 and is responsible for the areas of finance, legal, human resources and IT.

    As a management and legal expert, she has been working at Wiener Linien since 1993. She headed up the finance department and also acted as an authorised signatory from 2004. In addition, Petra has also been responsible for human resources since 2017. 

    Her goal is to make Wiener Linien the Number 1 employer of choice in the city. That’s why she regards diversity within the company as particularly important. Petra also aims to position Wiener Linien as a pioneer of sustainability in all areas and to further advance the company in terms of innovation and efficiency.

    She has been fully committed to Wiener Linien for nearly 20 years. Playing her role as part of the management team is both a personal and a professional highlight for Petra.

  • Gudrun Senk

    Gudrun Senk

    Chief Technical Officer

    Gudrun has been a member of the management team at Wiener Linien since November 2022, where her diverse background in the areas of management and technology as well as her international focus play a key role.

    She graduated in commercial sciences and energy engineering. Following positions in the private sector, including time at the business consultancy Kearney and the industrial plant construction company VA Tech, she worked at Wien Energie from 2009 where she led the strategy department, in 2011 taking over the renewable energy division and becoming an authorised officer. From 2017 she took on overall responsibility for the power and heat production portfolio of Wien Energie. In her time at Wien Energie she was also responsible for managing a wind farm subsidiary and Wiener Wasserstoff GmbH (hydrogen). Gudrun also managed Wien Energie’s international investments related to renewable energies.

    Several of her photovoltaic and hydrogen projects in recent years entailed her working closely together with Wiener Linien. Gudrun and her team are now looking forward to mastering future challenges – ranging from expanding the network and infrastructure to the transition to emissions-free powertrains.