A sustainable future

Wiener Linien operates Vienna’s entire local public transport network, thereby contributing to the city’s excellent quality of life. The focus here is on striking a sustainable balance between social responsibility, commercial success and environmental interests.

Conserving resources, reducing energy consumption, cutting CO2 emissions – the less energy we use for transport, the more energy we have to put into developing new ideas. After all, it is the combination of many small steps that makes a sustainable future possible. However, no matter what, there is no doubt in Wiener Linien’s mind that environmentally-friendly urban mobility is the key to future quality of life in the city – and this is on track(s).

Every journey on public transport pays dividends

This why we continually invest in the network, shorten intervals, extend existing lines and create new connections. This pays dividends – for passengers and for the environment. Individuals who switch to public transport save up to 1,500 kg of CO2 emissions every year.

Specifically, the rising number of passengers using public transport has already translated into 130 gigawatt-hours of fossil energy from road traffic being saved every year. This corresponds to the energy needs of a small town such as Judenburg or Kitzbühel.

Fact sheet: Sustainability

Tomorrow’s flexible mobility – without your own car

Sharing vehicles at WienMobil station Aspern

Wiener Linien is hard at work creating climate-friendly mobility options for the future: These combine the dense network of bus, tram and metro services with sharing vehicles to offer the best options for everyone’s specific mobility needs. No fewer than 13 WienMobil stations have already been set up; 15 more are coming in 2022. In 2025, there will be 100 WienMobil stations throughout Vienna, each offering various forms of mobility – from hire cars, scooters and mopeds to bike storage boxes and bike service stations.

The bike-sharing service WienMobil Rad will also be replacing the Citybike Wien service in 2022. When operations are fully ramped up in autumn 2022, there will be a total of 3,000 bikes available, meaning twice as many hire bikes as in the past and a network which will extend to cover all city districts. Wiener Linien therefore guarantees real flexible mobility without having to own a car.

Instead of spending hours stuck in traffic jams and annoying searches for a parking space, you can use the wide range of options offered by Wiener Linien and also protect the environment at the same time. Join Vienna’s largest mobility sharing network and together shape a sustainable future.

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