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Do you love technical challenges? Would you like to work with people? Do you like working outside or would you rather work in an office? Wherever your talents and interests lie: Join our team! With us you will receive excellent training in a great team along with many ways for you to develop in the future.

We offer you excellent training with individual support

As an apprentice, you will receive excellent training with us that goes far beyond the actual job description. We attach particular importance to promoting social skills. You work in a team with great colleagues and quickly have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned.

Wiener Linien trains around 300 apprentices every year. The fact that over 90 percent of our apprentices are happy to stay with us after completing their apprenticeship and take advantage of the internal opportunities for development shows just how much they value their training. 

The seal says that Wiener Linien has been awarded for the quality of its apprenticeship training.

We want to get girls into technology!

Technical professions are ‘just for men’? Quite the opposite. Technical professions are cool and they offer excellent prospects for the future – particularly for girls and women, which is why we really encourage girls to take an interest in technical professions. Do you not know what professions there actually are? Are you unsure if this is right thing for you? Come and find out for yourself. Girls, come along to our trial internships and Daughter’s Day events to find out about potential apprenticeships in a very relaxed environment and see what it’s like for yourself.

Trial internship: see for yourself.

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Get yourself some first-hand tips and tricks.

Come for a trial and get some advice.

Are you interested in an apprenticeship at Wiener Linien but you are not sure if it is the right thing for you? A trial day is a great way for you to find out. It includes being taken on a guided tour of our central main workshop in Simmering, giving you the opportunity to fashion try out something yourself in your chosen apprenticeship and enabling you to talk to our apprentices and get some advice. Those who do particularly well during the trial day will receive a gold ticket, which guarantees an apprenticeship if they apply within two weeks. 

  • Who can attend? Students from the ninth grade onwards can do a trial internship.
  • Duration: A trial internship lasts at least two days. Exactly how long depends on the respective apprenticeship.
  • Registration: Would you like to sign up for a trial internship? Send an e-mail to lehrlingsmanagement@wienerlinien.at and tell us which apprenticeship you would like to try out.

Apprenticeship and Matura

Apprentices showing a particularly high level of commitment can also attend courses to prepare for their Matura while doing their apprenticeship at Wiener Linien. It is possible to start from the second year of the apprenticeship. One preparatory course for a Matura subject can be taken per apprenticeship year. The courses are free of charge and take place at the premises of Wiener Linien.

Find out more about apprenticeship and the Matura

School trips to our main workshop in Simmering

Several men in Wiener Linien work clothes in the main workshop during a wagon overhaul

Are you a teacher and would like to take a look behind the scenes of Vienna’s public transport system with your pupils? Then come to our main workshop in Simmering. It is a small city within the city: All the workshops we need to service and maintain our vehicles can be found here over an area the size of twelve football fields. Our apprentice workshop is also located here, where around 300 apprentices receive excellent training every year. 

During a guided tour, your pupils can look over the shoulders of our colleagues as they work on a tram. And in the apprentice workshop, they can see what tasks our apprentices can already do by themselves and find out what career opportunities are available in mechanical, electrical and electromechanical professions at Wiener Linien.

  • Participation is only possible with registration and confirmation of booking. Register with Nicole Kaiser, telephone +43 1 7909 54003, e-mail nicole.kaiser@wienerlinien.at
  • Who can attend? Eighth and ninth grade pupils can participate in guided tours for schools.
  • When do the tours take place: Thursday mornings, start 9.00 am The tour lasts about two hours. A maximum of 25 people per group.
  • Where: Central main workshop of Wiener Linien, Awarenstraße 2 (porter’s entrance), 1110 Vienna

How to apply

  • Wiener Linien is a company of the Wiener Stadtwerke Group, so all applications go through the central apprenticeship management of the Wiener Stadtwerke Group. On the website of Wiener Stadtwerke you can find more information about available apprenticeships and apply.

Wiener Linien Apprenticeship Management