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When you're out and about: Buying tickets on your mobile.

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Buy tickets with your smartphone 

You can buy Wiener Linien tickets easily and conveniently when you are out and about. All you need is a smartphone and the WienMobil app.

The minimum age for creating an account is 14. The app is in German, but if your mobile phone is set to operate in English or any other language, the app will be in English. 

Get the app:    WienMobil for iOS     WienMobil for Android

Mobile tickets are not transferable

Tickets that are bought on a smartphone are displayed on the mobile phone and cannot be printed out. They are customised for the person buying them or for a companion, and are therefore not transferable.

Buy tickets for other people

If you buy a ticket for another person via the Wiener Linien ticket app or in the online ticket shop, please note that this person must be in possession of the mobile phone of the person who bought the ticket in case of a ticket inspection. It is not possible to pass on tickets bought by text message or email to family members or other individuals.

Wiener Linien Customer Service

  • Do you have questions about your ticket? Have you been found without a valid ticket and have to pay an additional fee? Do you have questions or problems when buying tickets online? Do you have praise, a complaint or a suggestion for us? Whatever concern you have: We are happy to take care of it!

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