Information technology

Application closed

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any apprenticeships for this profession for the apprenticeship year 2024/25. On the website of Wiener Stadtwerke you can find more information about other apprenticeships and apply. For your application, you need a meaningful letter of motivation and your CV. Upload both online together with your references. 

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young man and young woman working on an open laptop computer

This apprenticeship suits you if you:

  • have a fascination for technology, especially for computers and networks
  • like to work in a team but are not put off by working independently
  • enjoy solving tricky tasks
  • have good communication skills

Facts about the apprenticeship:

  • Duration: four years
  • Vocational school: weekly & Berufsschulbock mixed, Mollardgasse 87, 1060 Vienna

That's why we need you:

  • To support our colleagues in 1st level support.
  • To look after servers and networks
  • To configure, install and document hardware (laptops, PCs, etc.)

You can look forward to these benefits:

  • Bonuses for very good performance in vocational school and in the final apprenticeship examination
  • Possibility of apprenticeship and Matura
  • Sports events and individually tailored fitness programmes
  • Participation in vocational competitions
  • Joint preparation for the apprenticeship-leave exam
  • Company restaurants
  • Free public transport in the Vienna core zone

How to apply

  • Wiener Linien is a company of the Wiener Stadtwerke Group, so all applications go through the central apprenticeship management of the Wiener Stadtwerke Group. On the website of Wiener Stadtwerke you can find more information about available apprenticeships and apply.

Wiener Linien Apprenticeship Management