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Wiedner Hauptstraße: Renewal of tracks as an opportunity to transform the street into a climate-friendly neighborhood

Vienna is becoming climate neutral. The City of Vienna, the districts and Wiener Linien are working closely together to achieve this goal. Together, we are taking the necessary track renewals as an opportunity to make Vienna greener, cooler and even more liveable.

Public transport during the modernization work

The work by Wiener Linien and MA28 start at the beginning of April and last until fall 2024. During the necessary track renewal, lines 1, 62 and the Badner Bahn are not able to run between Karlsplatz and Kliebergasse. You can still use the services of Wiener Linien and Wiener Lokalbahnen Verkehrsdienste to get around by public transport:

Line 59A runs at a closer interval and with larger articulated buses.
Line 1 runs via Südtiroler Platz/Hauptbahnhof and Prinz Eugen Straße.
Line 62 is shortened from/to Dörfelstraße.
◾ The Badner Bahn runs from Kliebergasse via Südtiroler Platz/Hauptbahnhof to Quartier Belvedere.
◾ Please use the U1, U4, U6 and 13A lines as alternatives.

Shuttle service for people with reduced mobility:

Phone: +43 664 8848 6514. Lead time: 15 minutes.
◾ Operating hours: Monday to Sunday and public holidays 8am-5pm
◾ The area in which the shuttle operates is marked in blue in the diagram.

Find out more about modernizations and service changes:

>> Click here: Service changes <<

Construction sites give reason to celebrate: Vienna is becoming climate-friendly!

The starting point for the redesign of Wiedner Hauptstraße is the necessary renewal of the streetcar tracks. The city, district and Wiener Linien are using the necessary track work to transform Wiedner Hauptstraße into a climate-friendly neighborhood. From March to the end of 2024, a new green track for the streetcar, green waiting shelters, a structurally separated two-way cycle path and more space for pedestrians will be created. New trees will also be planted and green spaces created. 

Wiener Linien and the City of Vienna leverage synergies

By working together, the City of Vienna and Wiener Linien are leveraging synergies and saving costs. For example, Wiener Wasserwerke and Wiener Netze laid new power cables in the area of the sidewalks in advance. Alexandra Reinagl, Managing Director of Wiener Linien: "It is a testament to the good cooperation between the City of Vienna and Wiener Linien that the necessary track renewal is being used to rebuild the streetscape and make it more attractive. We are also using the track work to further improve public transport connections for our passengers, for example by optimizing accessibility."

  • metres of green track
    for the streetcars

  • seats
    to relax on

  • fog steles
    for cooling

  • new trees
    for good climate

  • new flower beds
    to enjoy

  • new drinking fountains

  • square meters
    of new green spaces

Priority for climate-friendly mobility, green open spaces, water features

The redesign will divide the street space in such a way that there will be room for a structurally separated two-way cycle path. It will run from Karlsplatz (TU Freihaus) on the left-hand side of Wiedner Hauptstraße to Johann Strauß Gasse. The redesign will also provide better crossing options for pedestrians and cyclists and better access to the streetcar.

There will also be additional micro-open spaces, such as the green areas at Fleischmanngasse and Vicki-Baum-Platz. There will be two fog steles and two new drinking fountains. There will be tables with benches and armchairs at seven locations, creating a total of 33 new seating areas in addition to the existing furniture. Pub gardens will remain, and the street level will be raised.

  • 50 meters of green track

    are created between Lambrechtgasse and Klagbaumgasse.

  • Tram stops are barrier-free 

    to provide optimum accessibility.

  • Waiting shelters with a green roof

    provide shade and cooling.

  • Better crossing facilities 

    for pedestrians and cyclists are created at Schleifmühlgasse.

  • More seats and space to relax are created.

  • Traffic is calmed

    and road safety is increased.

  • Public transport stops are being extended

    for barrier-free boarding and deboarding.

  • Access and delivery

    are still possible.

  • Cycling is safe

    thanks to a new 2-direction cycle path.

Traffic slowdown & priority for climate-friendly mobility

Traffic routing is being reorganized with the redesign. The focus is on traffic calming and giving priority to climate-friendly mobility. A concept is being developed to divert through traffic from Wiedner Hauptstraße to the high-level road network and relieve the burden on residential areas.

The work by Wiener Linien and the redesign of the road surface start in March 2024. Completion of the entire Wiedner Hauptstraße climate-friendly project is expected at the end of 2024.

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