Consent to the use of movement data

1. Upstream – next level mobility GmbH, company registration number FN446678 f, with registered office at 1030 Vienna, Thomas-Klestil-Platz 13, is a subsidiary of Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG and Wiener Stadtwerke GmbH.

2. Upstream – next level mobility GmbH stores anonymised traffic flows and mobility data of WienMobil app users.

These anonymised data are used and provided by Upstream – next level mobility GmbH for storage purposes and for commercial use and exploitation as well as for improving the services of WienMobil and are provided to Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG. Under no circumstances will the personal data of users of the WienMobil app be provided to third parties by Upstream – next level mobility GmbH.

3. In order to achieve these objectives and with your consent, Upstream – next level mobility GmbH uses those data generated in the course of your using the services of WienMobil in the following manner:

  • Mobility and movement data generated by the use of the WienMobil service are assigned an artificial ID, which permits no associations with the original individual.
  • In addition, it is also ensured that this artificial ID is only allocated to a user for a maximum of 24 hours. As a result, it is also not possible to aggregate anonymous usage data over a longer period of time, by means of which any association with the original individual can be excluded. It is not possible to differentiate whether the use of two sessions is attributable to a single individual or two different individuals.
  • The anonymised mobility data captured are stored and used for analytical purposes and statistical analyses at the level of traffic flows.The anonymised data records include:

4. The anonymised data records include:

  • Location data
  • Allocation to age-related categories (each spanning ten years, e.g. 20-29 year-old user, 30-39 year-old user, etc.)
  • App version
  • Device/Model
  • Operating system (Android or iOS)
  • Operating system version

5. By clicking on the consent button, you confirm that you have read and understood the contents of this Declaration of Consent and explicitly consent to your anonymised data, as defined by Point 4, being processed in connection with the purposes described under Point 2.

6. You are hereby explicitly advised that you can revoke this Declaration of Consent at any time by means of deactivating the anonymous data flow in the app under „Settings/General/Share usage data“.


Published: April 29, 2021