U5 underground line

Turquoise underground line for the northwest of Vienna

The U5 will be Vienna’s first fully automated underground line. It will take over the U2 section between Rathaus and Karlsplatz from 2027 and initially operate to Frankhplatz, next to Altes AKH.

The underground line will then be extended to Hernals in the next phase of expansion. Talks regarding funding are already being held between the federal government and the City of Vienna.

  • The plan is to build a station near Anne-Carlsson-Park (Spitalgasse/Währinger Straße), connecting seven tram lines (5, 33, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42) to the underground ground network at once.
  • It is then planned to extend the line to the future final stop at Elterleinplatz via Michelbeuern, creating a second underground connection to Vienna General Hospital (AKH).

Fully automated into the future

The U5 represents the start of a new technological age in Vienna. The new underground trains will be fully automated, bringing with them many advantages:

  • Shorter intervals: two-directional trains make it possible to change direction more quickly.
  • Greater levels of safety thanks to platform doors, creating a barrier between passengers and the tracks. Similarly, delays caused by items on the tracks will be a thing of the past.
  • Greater flexibility: It will be easier to respond to a brief surge in demand. Regular train services will also be restored more quickly after disruptions.

State-of-the-art technology and passenger comfort

Wiener Linien is in the process of purchasing new trains that can operate in a fully automated way. The tendering process for this is already under way.

What is already clear is that passengers will be able to walk all the way along the train and that the trains will be barrier-free. Moreover, they will be equipped with air conditioning, video surveillance and modern passenger information systems.

The aim is to provide more service and information to our passengers. Our drivers will, in future, be closer to our customers, making their job more service-oriented and varied.

There will, of course, be trained drivers available, even with fully automated operations, who will be able to respond quickly in the event of a breakdown.

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