One journey in Vienna

The right ticket for a single journey on public transport in Vienna.

Travel as far as you want in one direction and change as many times as necessary, but without interrupting the journey.

Single ticket "One journey Vienna"

After validating this ticket, you can make one journey of any length in one direction. You may change as often as you like, but you may not interrupt the journey.

If you would like to take children or animals with your, please purchase tickets at the reduced fare.

Where can I buy a single ticket?

Mobile tickets: buy tickets using your smartphone

You can buy your ticket easily while out and about using the WienMobil app or the Wiener Linien ticket app. The ticket is then displayed in the app. Payment is made by credit card.

You can download the apps in the box on the left. They are in German, but if your mobile phone is set to operate in English or any other language, the app will be in English. If your mobile phone uses a different operating system, you can use the mobile shop website to display your ticket.

More information about mobile tickets