About Wiener Linien

2.6 million passengers per day use Austria's biggest transport network

Wiener Linien is Vienna’s public transport operator and is responsible for some 180 underground, tram and bus lines. Our underground network extends to 83 kilometers, our tram network comprises around 220 kilometers, which makes it the sixth-largest in the world, and our bus lines travel a network of 850 kilometers. 

Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG is a subsidiary of WIENER STADTWERKE GmbH, with ownership held by the City of Vienna.

Public transport is the preferred way to move around Vienna

Wiener Linien is committed to providing the best possible service, and to thereby steadily increasing the public transport share of city traffic. The Viennese appreciate this effort: With 38% of all passenger trips in Vienna made using public transport, our lines annually carry a substantially higher share of the city’s passenger traffic than do automobiles. Walking (28%) has replaced the car (27%) in second place.

On average, some 2.6 million passengers per day use the Wiener Linien network, for which our public transport vehicles cover a distance of 214,000 kilometers – roughly the same distance as orbiting the earth 5 times. In total, some 961 million passengers used the Wiener Linien network.

More public-transport annual-pass holders than registered vehicles

For the fourth time in a row, the number of holders of a Wiener Linien annual pass (852,000) surpassed the number of registered vehicles in Vienna (by 143,000 in 2019).

More than 260,000 passengers can ride our 1,000 vehicles at a time – more than the number of inhabitants of Austria's second-biggest city, Graz. In 2019, our 450 buses, 500 trams and 150 undergrounds trains traveled a total of over 78 million kilometres.

More than 8,600 employees work to ensure the best service for our passengers

Wiener Linien highly values the welfare of its employees – as befitting one of the largest employers in Vienna. Some 8,600 Wiener Linien employees work 24/7 year round to provide reliable and timely transportation for our passengers. Staffers work in a wide range of professions, and our HR department processes some 20,000 applications per year.