Two reduced-fare journeys Vienna

Two strips, two trips at the reduced fare.

This ticket can be used by one person twice or once by two people travelling together.

Who can use the ticket?

The following people can use the reduced-fare single tickets for two journeys in Vienna:

  • Children aged six to 15: The ticket is valid together with a photo ID or the school ID card from a school located in Austria.
  • Individuals doing their national service: The national service ID must be presented when inspected to prove entitlement.
  • Individuals with a ‘P’ social pass or mobility pass from the City of Vienna.
  • In addition to this, you also need to redeem a reduced-fare single ticket if you would like to take your dog with you on public transport. Annual pass holders can take a dog with them free of charge. Assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, signal dogs) that are entered in the disability pass may, of course, travel free of charge. Small dogs that are transported in an animal-friendly transport box do not need a ticket.

Two reduced-fare journeys in Vienna for senior citizens

Men and women aged 63 or over may use these tickets for two journeys in Vienna. These do not need to be on the same day. When inspected, an official photo ID or an ÖBB senior citizen ID on which the date of birth can be seen must be presented.

Where and when is the ticket valid?

Once you have validated one of the two strips, your ticket is valid for one journey in one direction in Vienna. You may change as often as you like, but you may not interrupt the journey. The ticket permits a total of two journeys. If you validate both strips, two people may travel on the same ticket at the same time.

The ticket is valid for all means of public transport in Vienna (core zone of Vienna).

Where can I buy a reduced-fare ticket for two journeys?

Reduced-fare tickets for two journeys and tickets for two journeys for senior citizens can be purchased at the following places:

You can also buy the ticket easily and conveniently in the Wiener Linien online ticket shop.