Top youth pass

The best ticket for schoolchildren and apprentices.

With the top youth pass, you can travel to school, to work or to parties for just EUR 70.00 for a whole year.

When is the top youth pass valid?

The top youth pass is valid for the entire academic year including school holidays (i.e. from 1 September to 15 September of the following year). Around the clock, as well as at weekends, on public holidays and school-free days.

If you buy your ticket online, you can simply print it out again if you lose it.

Where is the top youth pass valid?

On tram, bus and underground lines in the Verkehrsverbund Ost Region (Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland).

Turn your youth pass into a top youth pass

If you already have a youth pass (Jugendticket), you can easily convert it into a top youth pass by paying a supplement – by email to or at the next ticket office. Online tickets can only be upgraded in the online ticket shop. To do this, contact:

Who can get the top youth pass?

You can get the top youth pass if you are one of the following:

  • Under 15: a pupil at a school in Austria
  • Under 24: a pupil at a school in Austria approved for free transport
  • An apprentice under the age of 24 currently doing a legally recognised apprenticeship
  • Are doing voluntary social or environmental service (Sozialjahr / Umweltschutzjahr), or are a police trainee, under the age of 24.

What do you need for the top youth pass?

You need to have the following:

  • A place of residence, school or education centre in Vienna, Lower Austria or Burgenland
  • A valid school or apprentice ID card. An official photo ID can also be provided as evidence until the academic year in which the person turns 15.
  • Individuals having completed the voluntary social year or the voluntary environment protection year, as well as police trainees, need an ID that is issued by VOR.

Where can the top youth pass be purchased?

  • The top youth pass can be purchased at the ticket and information offices and from the ticket machines at underground stations for the coming academic year from the middle of August.
  • You can buy the ticket a little earlier in the Wiener Linien online ticket shop. You also have the advantage here of being able to print your ticket out again if you lose it (only possible for tickets bought online).
  • You can also buy the ticket using your smartphone via the WienMobil app. Here you find more information on mobile tickets and can download the app.
  • If you live in Lower Austria or Burgenland, you can also buy your top youth pass at post offices and from post office partners. You can obtain more information about this from VOR.

By the way, you do not need your residence registration sheet (Meldezettel) or an official stamp – the youth pass is simply valid when presented together with your school or apprentice ID card.

How much does the ticket cost?

The ticket costs EUR 70.00 and is valid for the entire academic year.